Blockchain’s Burning Desire

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Blockchain, distributed ledgers, proof of stake, proof of work, consensus algorithms, indecipherable acronyms and private cryptographic keys. Sounds fun, right? These are just a fraction of the concepts that you come across in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space on a daily basis.

Don’t worry though, this article does not serve to explain the meaning of the above concepts cause let’s be honest unless you are a full-time techie and blockchain researcher, there’s no burning desire to learn these things.

That, however, does not mean that you cannot share a profound interest in the space and a desire to get actively involved in the area through investment. Guess what, now you can.

Blockchain (and cryptocurrencies) as a technology, is arguably still in its infancy. This means that the bulk of work done is centered around solving mechanical issues that will base the foundation of the industry as a whole, to be able to scale all the way into mainstream usage. A less frequently considered component, however, is the usability of the companies that deal in the space.

Just like you don’t have to worry about what happens on the back-end when you send an email to your colleague or friend, new and more user-friendly applications in the cryptocurrency space will undoubtedly fuel an easier-to-use phenomenon, where users don’t necessarily realize that they’re interacting directly with the technology. When the industry reaches this level of maturity, it will be ready to scale.

The next generation of platforms attempting to solve the usability issue in the space is arriving, with Satochi leading the way.

Satochi is a next-generation financial advisor that rounds up users’ spare change to the nearest dollar, and automatically invests it in a diversified portfolio of digital currency assets.

Users don’t have to worry about the purchase of, interaction with, nor storage of cryptocurrencies, Satochi will take care of it all and at the same time cater to users through frequent investment advice.

The train is leaving the station, so what do you say: Want to join the new generation of financial asset-classes or be left alone at the station, wondering what could have been?

We know what we choose — join us at

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