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What’s the first thing that springs to mind when we say ‘financial advice’?🤔

For us, it used to be an image of a well-polished suit 👔in a boring corporate office, representing old-money as well as old-money could possibly be represented.

The first generation of financial advisors persisted for a surprisingly long time, comprised of traditional financial advisors and hefty fees, servicing their clients in a non-digital manner. This service was only, by nature, appealing only to a very isolated part of the population; those with enough bucks in the bank to pay an advisor-fee the size of what the rest of us make in a month.

Throughout the last ten years, there has been an exciting evolution of the concept of financial advisors, with plenty of alternatives attempting to re-define the meaning of financial advice through digitalization💻.

Through this generation of companies, the barrier to entry for a lot of people has undoubtedly been lowered and proved that investment does not have to happen through a traditional financial advisor (the people in 👔). The missing ingredient however, is the chance of a large upside and return.

[Warning, numbers coming up in the next few sentences🙃. If you’ve had a long day, nobody will blame you for skipping it]

Modest returns traditionally go hand in hand with investment in traditional stock markets and established companies. We can all agree that a 5% annual return on a $10 million investment is a good return (…of $500.000). However, what about a 5% return on an amount such as what most of us would be considering a reasonable annual investment, like $500? … the answer is that a 5% return on a $500 investment would result in a gain of $25.

Hardly appealing.

Thus, a more accurate description of the latest generation of digital investment tools would be a savings-tool.

Imagine if your spare-change were invested into highly dynamic new technologies and markets, eliminating the perceived risk of investment while maintaining the potential of tremendous upside. We do that.

Enter Satochi.


We believe in empowering people with the right investment advice, and just as importantly, with the right access. We do this by enabling you to invest small amounts of money automatically, by rounding up your everyday transactions. No technical knowledge needed, no research required — the only thing you now need to know before investing through Satochi is that you’re intrigued and compelled by cryptocurrencies and the world of blockchain.

Sign up for our early access list right now at: www.satochi.io

We can’t wait to welcome you to the club.

See you in-app🤓.


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