Satochi: An Easy Way to Invest While You Are Having Fun

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If you know you need to get serious about investing, but you just don’t think you have enough money (or know-how), it’s time to think again!

Saving is much simpler and more fun than it’s ever been before. Your grandma used to put extra money aside under the mattress “for a rainy day”. Your mom taught you to drop a few pennies in your piggy bank each time you got your allowance. But those times are in the past—who even uses cash anymore?

The time has come when you can be responsible for investing in your future, while barely having to think about it. After an original set up with Satochi, saving is automatic and couldn’t be easier. Your spending card or bank account is linked up to an easy app. When you spend, the transaction amount is rounded up and your spare change is invested in cryptocurrency. Satochi takes the mystery out of cryptocurrency, making it accessible for anyone to get in on digital savings and investment.

Here’s an example of how Satochi can work for you:

Think about a fun Saturday when you are planning to go out with your friends. You start the morning with a hot cup of Mocha Latte from your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. You then get a quick manicure (or go to the barber) early in the day. Then you spend a little extra time getting ready so you look on point and feel great when you meet up with your friends. You start with appetizers and drink at a hip new restaurant. After that, you stop by a few different clubs and have a drink at each place. You dance, meet new people, and enjoy an all-around great time. You take a taxi and head for home, making a stop on the way to pick up some yummy burrito for a late night snack.

Each time you use your connected card to pay for something, Satochi rounds up your transaction to the nearest dollar and automatically invests it for you. Here’s what it might look like:

Cost Spare Change Invested:

  • Mocha Latte: $4.25 ($.75)
  • Manicure or Barber: $15.75 ($.25)
  • Appetizers: $6.29 ($.71)
  • Beer: $5.20 ($.80)
  • Cocktail: $8.70 ($.30)
  • Milk: $2.15 ($.85)
  • Taxi or Uber: $16.25 ($.75)
  • Burrito: $7.50 ($.50)

You’ve just invested more than $5 worth of cryptocurrency into your future, without even thinking about it. And that’s just from one evening of having fun!

You may not become a millionaire right away. But that small change can add up to big bucks in a hurry. Your future could be more secure than it was the day before, just from allowing Satochi to make the most of what you are already doing every day.

Going out with friends on a Saturday is just one example. These same type of investments can happen while you are doing exciting things such as traveling, and while you are doing the mundane such as grocery shopping or paying bills online.

Just living your life and having fun can be more profitable than ever with Satochi!

To sign up with Satochi and get perks of being an early subscriber, visit us here.

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