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We can all (hopefully) agree that it’s a bad idea to take medical advice from random people on the street or internet — luckily, this isn’t a scenario we experience very often. The same holds true for investment advice, right? Not really.

Investment advice seems to be the one theme towards which many people have a ‘qualified’ opinion. Add to that a new, fast-growing technology such as blockchain, and all of a sudden self-proclaimed cryptocurrency investment experts are emerging left and right. The common denominator for all so-called ‘experts’ however, is that none of them, in reality, are more capable of providing financial advice, than someone who has ‘cured’ their own flu through paracetamol is of providing medical advice📉.

To be allowed to provide financial and investment advice to people in the US, companies or individuals have to go through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and equip themselves with an Investment Advisor License.

Stay vigilant out there folks; there are lots of unqualified advice flowing around regarding cryptocurrencies, make sure you have credible sources 🗝.

Stop by next time you’re about to make a hot-headed cryptocurrency investment decision.

PS. As the first company in the cryptocurrency space, Satochi has officially been licensed as an Investment Advisor by the SEC🦉.

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